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Samsung Service Center Semarang location helps improve your electronic products

Looking for Samsung’s service center in Semarang?   If so, then you are in the right place. The existence of the recovery center will help you repair a variety of Samsung products, including smartphones, laptops, DVDs, refrigerators, and much more. It is guaranteed that the damage that takes place can be properly repaired so that it can be used back to normal.

Although the electronic products already use advanced technology, but they are called man-made goods, they are inevitable from damage ranging from light to large-scale. If it’s not repaired immediately, it’s not impossible when the damage gets worse, right? Of course, you don’t want  different kinds of risks to happen.

For consumers who want to repair electronic goods, there are two options for taking them to an ordinary serviceman or to an authorized repair center of the company concerned. If you are a merchandise owner from Samsung, the existence of Samsung Service Center Semarang is  definitely the best choice, right?

We all know Samsung is one of the most prominent electronics companies in the world, including Indonesia. There is already a huge selection of electronic products that fans have always been waiting for. One of the great products they have is Smartphones.

Although Samsung is known as one of those electronics companies that always incorporates different types of advanced and cutting-edge technology into all its products, but that doesn’t mean it can avoid harm, does it? Therefore, the existence of Samsung Semarang’s service center  at the heart of the community seems to be the answer.

Samsung Semarang Dienssentrum Location

Semarang is one of the cities in Indonesia where it also has very intensive business activities. Semarang, known as Atlas City,  has a variety of business, entertainment, and tourism facilities that are fairly complete. Not only that, consumers of goods from Samsung don’t have to worry either.

The reason is that you  can easily find the existence  of the Samsung Semarang service center.   Thepresence n repair center services offers different types of repairs for all the damage to electronic products you have. For customers, this is the location of Samsung’s recovery center where it is located in Semarang.

  1. Semarang Java Mall

The location of the  first  Samsung service center  Semarang is at  Semarang  Java Mall. In this shopping center, you can go directly to the 1st floor number 104 to find the recovery center. The address  of Semarang Java Mall is located  in Jalan MT Haryono 992-994 Semarang-Central Java.

  1. Plaza Simpang 5

Meanwhile, the existence of a service center of Samsung in Plaza Simpang 5 is exactly on the 1st floor No. 120, 121 and 136, 137 which  is located  on Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 1 Semarang Kota-Central Java.  You can contact this service center by phone on 024 8457040 And it can come to an end from 10am

  1. Central lamps

In addition to the above two service locations, you can also get directly to Jalan Lamper Tengah No. 659 exactly at Lamper Tengah, South Semarang – 50248. The venue’s opening hours are from half an hour to 09:00 until completion. Make sure that you arrive on time so that you can get the best service or service.

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These are some options of Samsung electronic product repair centers where you can go.  Before you decide  to bring your favorite items, don’t forget to bring your damaged items or warranty cards if they’re still there to save on expenses.

The beginning of the success of Samsung Giant Company

Already know the address of Samsung Semarang Service Center   , right? it feels incomplete when you’re not exploring how the success of the South Korean company giant began. Diman was very popular in different parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Who would have thought that before it became one of the largest electronics companies, it turned out that Samsung was originally a noodle company. In 1938, the owner, Lee Byung-Chull, sold noodles with a capital of about US$25 after the Korean War. Until then, Lee Byung Chull expanded his business into the largest texture and wool factory in South Korea.

Around 1970, Samsung’s new subsidiaries such as Samsung Shipbuilding, Heavy Industries, and Precision Company were finally formed. During that time, this company began investing in heavy industries such as chemicals, petrokia to grow into a large company with fairly promising profits.  It even became one of the largest companies in South Korea.

Meanwhile, in the 1970s, the company entered the world of the electronics industry where it began to export home-made electronic products abroad. Until the 2000s, it began to give birth to the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which has so far become one of the best-selling smartphones. In addition, they also sell a wide range of accessories from mobile phones.

Benefits of repairing products d to Semarang Official Service Center

Below are some benefits that can be obtained when repairing products at a Samsung service center.

  1. Has professional technicians

For those of you who  bring Samsung products like mobile phones or laptops to the Samsung Semarang Service Center, don’t worry. Because they have technicians who are professional and trained. Moreover, they were also supported by the presence of sophisticated and up-to-date equipment to provide comfort in the process of repairing any damage.

  1. Use valid components

Most people worry about repairing their goods for fear of replacing them with counterfeit components. That would obviously be very harmful, wouldn’t it? . But if you take it to an authorized place of service, the concern will disappear because it will use authentic parts. Guaranteed to maintain the performance of your goods.

  1. Have clear recovery rates

One of the disadvantages of repairing electronics at the service point is usually the absence of clear tariffs. Of course, you can only wonder, right would that make you think? But if you use an authorized service, there is a guarantee of clarity about the repair rate adjusted to the type of damage.   So, you don’t have to worry about extra costs either.

  1. Strategic location

This is an advantage if you  come to the Samsung service center in Semarang. With its strategic location, it gives you the convenience of getting to its location so it will save you time. In addition, it is supported by Semaraang transport facilities which are quite complete.

Tips before taking your electronic product to the service center

Of course, before taking electronic products to the service center, there are some tips that you should pay attention to. D i below are some tips that you can use before taking your electronic products to the service center.

  1. Check the damage first

The important thing is to check the damage first. You need to identify the types of damage that may be found in electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, DVDs, or other products.

  1. Prepare important documents before coming to the repair center

If the damage cannot be solved on its own, you can immediately take it to the repair center. But before that, be sure to prepare some important supporting documents such as a warranty card if they still do not expire. This will make you cost-effective.

  1. Feel free to ask for a repair warranty

Finally, if your product has been repaired, do not forget to ask for a repair warranty again. The existence of a guarantee is very important because you can claim it again if there are consequences that are not desired.

One of the safest ways to avoid damaging your electronics is to take them to an authorized service center. Since there are many harmful risks if you decide to serve regularly. Visit the Samsung Semarang Service Center  nearest where you live.