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The names of the heroes in West Java died on the battlefield

Indonesia has many heroes from West Java and was killed in various attacks during the colonial era. When colonization occurred, Indonesian society became miserable. Various attacks, massacres and extortion were carried out by the invaders.

The people became very tortured. The community then lived under the pressure of the invaders. The colonists lived well in their colonies. Meanwhile, Indonesians live under the pressure of falling. They could not be educated, they had to work hard, and they were not infrequently made slaves in their own country.

5 Names of Heroes of Western Java

The existence of various attacks forced young men from the country to carry out various kinds of movements and revolutions. They gathered with all their strength to unite and with the strength to resist the invaders. Together they rose spilling everything they could.

While finally,  it is not uncommon for heroes in West Java to join the fight against invaders. Finally, they also ended up and fell on the battlefield. Various attacks 2 those in it. Some of them are:

  1. Djuanda Kartawidjaja

The name of this hero from Western Java really knew many people.   He was born in the city of Tasikmalaya. His role in the Republic of Indonesia is to become the 10th prime minister, as well as the last prime minister in the country. He died at the age of 52, who previously served as finance minister.

  1. Oto Iskandardinata

Who would have thought that this hero came from the city of Bandung. He was born a long time ago when Indonesia was not yet independent. His nickname is Starling Harupat. He died at the age of 48, exactly a few days after the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, on December 20, 1945.

  1. Sjafruddin Prawiranegara

Born in Serang in 1911, Syafrudin is a freedom fighter and governor of the Bank of Indonesia. He also received a mandate from President Soekarno when the capital of the Republic of Indonesia was still in Yogyakarta. He also earned the title of Prime Minister in 1958.

  1. Boginja Sartika

This Hero from West Java is indeed one of the warriors from Indonesia who was born a Sundanese. Since childhood, he has been interested in education. He also founded a school for women. Many steps of the Sundanese woman imitate the steps of this heroine.

This strong woman really lives in a war situation. He volunteered to join the natives in all kinds of resistance. He won the title of national hero in Indonesia after 19 years of death

  1. Achmad Soebardjo

Who doesn’t know this Indonesian hero? He was an Indonesian independence activist until he became a cabinet minister. This original Hero from West Java was born in 1896.

War in West Java Province

Various heroes appeared in West Java indirectly hinting that several wars were being fought in the province. Yes, that’s right. Various great wars have really taken place. One of the most pressing events that took place in this province was Bandung Lautan Api.

Figures including western  Java heroes in this regard defended themselves en masse in defense of independence. This is inseparable from the support of residents to participate in the fight. This happened precisely not even a year after Indonesia became independent.

The heroic event took place in March 1946. At that time, hundreds of residents and TNI along with the people’s flattery burned their prices and houses. Well, why was this done? This was done with the aim of preventing allied armies from capturing their cities.

They themselves fried the earth and left the northern part of Bandung towards the south. Earlier, the British issued an ultimatum that the entire city of Bandung and its citizens must withdraw at a distance of 11 kilometers. As a result, residents burned houses and this made the wave of fire in Bandung even greater.

It was midnight, and finally this city became like a dead city. Bandung has become an empty city. Only the wreckage can be found. In fact, this heroic and historical event forced Ismail Marzuki to create a poem with the title Halo  Halo Bandung.

– 3 Women in Western Java

As mentioned earlier, Dewi Sartika is really one of the heroes from West Java and is famous today. It seems that his struggle in the advancement of women is very admired. Still, there are many scarier female pioneers from Western Java.

  1. Raden Siti Jenab

This woman, who was born in 1890. In fact, he introduced the concept of tireless education from one door to another. She previously attended a school made by Dewi Sartika.

Raden City Jenab as one of the heroes from West Java women learn many things. Among them, he taught on numbering, dutch and malaysian, until sundanese.

  1. RA Lasminingrat

This woman was born in the city of Garut. The woman learned education using the Western style, but first translated it into sundanese. Therefore, it will be easier for women in Sundanese society to understand.

RA Lasminingrat speaks Dutch very fluently. In fact, he also translated various types of Grimm stories such as Cinderella, Rapunzel and other stories at Sundanese.

  1. Preporučite Rachmatulhadian Poeradiredja

She is better known as Emma. Born in Bandung in 1880.   Together with some of his colleagues, he once founded Dameskring. It is an organization of Indonesian youth and women with a focus on activities to strengthen the ideals of the nation. He was also active at the Second Indonesian Youth Congress.

Historic sites in West Java

In addition to the names of the heroes from West Java, there are many places in the province with high historical value. These places were then built to commemorate or commemorate the services of those who died fighting on the battlefield. So far, these places have also been frequently visited.

  1. Spomenik Bandung Sea of Fire

This place is evidence of the turbulent events that took place in the province of West Java. The height of this museum is about 45 meters. At the top is a symbol of fire.

  1. Sataja

Anyone who visits West Java will definitely not escape to visit this place. This building was a silent witness to an attack by Dutch and British soldiers to support the nation’s youth floating.

  1. Monđu

This Battle Monument is located in Dipati Ukuru. The building is as unique in shape as Runcing Bamboo. This place has a high historical value because it houses a museum of heroes

  1. Monument to the Heroes of Toha

It is also one of the historic sites due to the heroic event of Bandung Lautan Api. At that event, Mohammad Toha became one of the fighters. This monument was created in memory of his services.

So many heroes died and dared to fight for independence. Regardless of men or women, they tried very hard to advance the nation and free the invaders. These heroes from West Java deserve to be remembered and proud.

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