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3 Ways to Easily Transfer Telko Quota

At this point, it’s important to know if you   or your friends are not allocated  at any time: In fact, if you don’t have a quota within 1 hour Communications applications such as Telegram, Sylvie will not be available, and social media applications will not be accessible without allocation.

Nowadays, the need for contact applications is very important, particularly through electronic devices for people who work remotely, and will even miss key moments when work is interrupted and rations are exhausted.

The same is true of both users and content creators, but for users, there is no new information left over from friends; they want to capture interesting moments immediately for content creators. If you’re too late, you’ll lose feeling because many people have already shared it; after you can feel the significance of the figure, you can use information about three ways to allocate Telcomcell And we support them.

3 Ways to Easily Transfer Telko Quota

Below is themethod used to track the nsfer Telko quota in an easy way.

  1. Quota delivery via CMB
  2. Please open the “call” service to deliver credit via UMB.
  3. Enter the number *500*+2/2 to obtain a selection of services.
  4. Select No. 1 for the “Yes” order and display an Internet data service message.
  5. And you can write the provider number that will send internet data.
  6. Add the next step to the value of internet data to be sent
  7. Finally enter no.1 for the consent decree.
  8. If the sending process is successful, you will receive a message that sending money is successful.
  9. Via USD
  10. Please open the “call” list, then log in to .363 #
  11. Then Arahka n at   8 to open internet data information
  12. Point to other package orders.
  13. Choose No. 4 or “Gift” for orders to send Internet data .
  14. Fill in the provider number you want to go to.
  15. Then navigate the order “quota t rbaggage flash gift.”
  16. Await information regarding the eventual completion of the debt transfer work.
  17. Via App
  18. Using the My Telko application, you have to install it on an electronic device to send Internet data using one of the three ways to transfer the  Telcomcell quota. Download in an open store, if you don’t have one yet.
  19. If the app is installed, please “Give a Gift”
  20. Navigate the “transfer quota” panel
  21. Additional numbers of friend providers intended for Internet data, with the amount of Internet data to be sent
  22. A recent letter of confirmation will be available.
  23. Please confirm to complete the process of sending internet data.

Requests and Rules to Send Telko Quota

When the provider intended under Telcomcell, Telconcell, and Telconcell companies  is  the same under the Telkamp companies, the above telcomcell Requirements for using three methods to transfer the quota are now impossible to send to other providers outside the telcos, such as IndoSat.

Another requirement is at least 50 MB of Internet data and can be sent. The maximum limit on one transfer is 500 MB. Total delivery within 1 day is a maximum of 3GB. So if you use the maximum value of both Frequency and internet data amounts, the value is exactly 3GB.

1 The fee needed to transfer was 5,000 rupiah, the rest of the time Rupiah took 5,000 rupees for the cost of the ship The debt is 1,000 rupiah, so you can’t send a piece of it when you have 5,000 rupiah debts  left on your card.

In addition, the limit  for Internet data use resulting from 3 ways of transferring Telconcell quotas is 3 days. When it is over 3 days, the Internet sent by others Information will not be used; even Internet information will be lost; the value will go back if it is not filled, but the time used for the sender will not diminish.

Benefits of Tel concellation to facilitate relief

Knowing the 3 ways to allocate telcos is not only important because of the needs; in addition, there are considerably more providers under Telcom than other suppliers, so it is easier for those who want to export or want to take on debt.

The number of users is indistinguishable from the many benefits of users, and today fewer than 78 million people become its loyal customers, because the con that possesses The date is considered the most stable, and the signal is also available to 95 percent of all indigenous areas of Indonesia.

Not surprisingly , more than 27,000 telecommunications infrastructure can use all regions in Indonesia. This provider has access to more than 24,000 communications in the village via the USO In addition, under Telcomcell there is also Telconcell, Katu AS, and Cympiti under Telcomcell and can transfer Internet data from Telcomcell.

In terms of network quality, Telcomcell dominates more than 98 percent of its level of connectivity The quality of this network is also affected by up to 9,000 and 1.8 thousand GMS.

It is indistinguishable from the budget cap to maintain the stability and quality of the network. rupiah to maintain consumer comforts Less than 17 trillion; it is to maintain its network, services and develop its products.

Telcomcell is also continuing to produce its products. Wallet T-Cash, mobile banking, Telko Flash, etc.

When  you encounter difficulties, there is no mention of Telconcell’s expertise being demonstrated by customer service. More than 5,000 service stations are provided by M-Kiosks, product traders, GraPaRI, there are M-Kiosks, call centers, etc.

How to collect on ships

Considering  that the account is limited, we must do everything we can to make the most of it, and sometimes this effort fails because everything is needed for important things. There are multiple attempts that could be made to capture data derived from one of the 3 ways to transfer Telconcell quotas.

  1. Turn off automatic updates

Automatic applications are automatically applied among those who randomly update the information. Change the Auto update on game store specifications on Wi-Fi online or not an automotive update.

  1. Turn off automatic downloads

This automatic download can also apply to programs such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Switch from automatically downloading media/files sent by others to manual copying. This can be done by setting up information storage to manually.

Offline can be used in programs that are commonly used online to store information. Provide offline and online forms, but for some applications you can use the offline format for pay.

Finally , if you can actually access M-Banking or buy another debt independently, you can do it immediately. It’s safer and easier. You can measure usage restrictions.  

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