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Knowing the Features of the Western Java Region to know better

Of course, there are features of the West Java region  that you should know to   know in order to know this region very soon. As we know, West Java is one of the regions that attracts the very attention of which the bandung capital is a tourist destination that is moved by a diverse population.

As a matter of fact there are some interesting things in this region that convince a lot of people to be at that place on holiday.  For those of you who want him to get to know this place better, you should know some of the features that are owned and every province in Indonesia has different features.

By knowing these features, you can know this area in depth. Along with being aware of its characteristics, you can be aware that all the regions that indonesia belongs to are very specific. Here are some features from the West Java region that  you should  know where to distinguish this region from others.

Of course, of course this trait is not only known to outsiders but also by indigenous people from Java West Java. In addition, there are many municipalities in this region that are their own. So it is shocking that as an indonesian you know what is unique in each region.

Furthermore, the characteristics of Western Java are not only on the cultural side but also in its culinary content. From this information you can find that Indonesia is rich in culture and food production.

But it is unfortunate that many young people know nothing about Indonesia even in the area where they live themselves and they themselves live alone. This requirement, if not covered, could leave the younger generation losing their love for their country.

Daily Use of Regional Languages

One of the features of the West Java region is its regional language used in everyday life, as we know that in Indonesia there are many nobility so it also speaks many regional languages. So it’s not surprising even though it’s one island, there are so many different regional languages.

For West Java itself in turn has a specialized regional language, namely Sundanese. Of course Sunni people have a different vocabulary than other languages, so it’s easy to distinguish. This language is also used in everyday life, in addition to Indonesia.

similarly the use of this language is not only limited to Sundanese but is used by all people in western Java. Because the use of this language is very important to support daily activities.

Therefore, because the language is one of the characteristics of the West Java region, when you  are in a lot of people and you use the Sundanese language, and the tribes are the same they will surely know  that you are from West Java only by using that communicating language.

So it is not surprising that someone who is known to be from a locality has to look at the everyday language used. Although at this time many people are using Indonesians, the use of regional languages is still being carried out so that it remains and times are not disrupted.

Because if the regional language is abandoned, it pitys future generations who do not know the native language of their tribe. In fact, the use of this language is what separates one tribe from the other.

Various Features ofMusical Instruments

Another feature of the West Java region that you can see  is the musical instrument. Of course, each region has its own musical instrument that can be the identity of the area, as well as West Java. For this place itself, certainly everyone knows one of their own musical instruments, namely the angklung. Angklung itself is a traditional musical instrument made from bamboo.

Indeed, many schools including primary schools in West Java should offer these traditional music instruments. In addition, playing it is also different from modern musical instruments such as now, because just shaking will make certain sounds. In fact, because of what he is famous for these devices, he has been widely known globally.

In addition to angklung, there are also flute music items which are incorporated into the west Java characteristics. When viewed from the material, it is almost identical to the angklung that forms bamboo. However, the differences can be seen in the shape of the appearance of only 1 passport. Where this musical instrument also has holes in it later serve to regulate the sound of the sound.

Of course the holes in this device also depend on where to coordinate how many songs are going with them. However a total of 4 holes are present in 4 holes of the water. Due to the distinction of this instrument, Sundanese chants should follow this trumpet. In fact, it’s not unusual when someone is in the rice field just entertaining themselves and then plays with a flute.

Characteristics of the Food Section

It cannot be denied that   the distinctive features of Western Java  are also visible in its diet, there are many specialties from which even exist outside the Western Java area. This situation suggests that there are a huge number of people who like traditional food in the region. Call them as batagor or rolls which are one of the classic West Javanese snacks that are easy to find out of the area.

This recipe consists of fish meat and is wrapped in skins and wrapped in spring rolls and tofu and given to sugar sauce. Aside from the street food buffet, there are also common snacks such as menes blocks. Blok Menes itself is a classic recipe made with kasava and grate coconut which acts as a shaving. This density itself isderived from two types, namely the cadaver shops and menes blocks.

In addition, there is also oncom rice which is very popular and even included in one of its features  of West Java’s Tasikmalaya descendants. The rice itself is rice mixed by oncom and fried or fried. During the process of mixing it is not only but also waiting for the invading and rice.

In addition, there are snacks including green serabi which is the classic Karawang recipe. Of course, this serabi is different from others because the production process is almost the same but there are more suji leaves to color from green. Of course, the use of these leaves should avoid using food dyes to be safe when eaten.

Astaamaha of Qoob-dhaqameedka

The characteristics of West Java are  also shown in the traditional dance section where they are more common. One of the traditionalists from the region in West Java, that is Cirebon, is the mask dance. Whereas this art is what it means, which are the story of sunan gunung jati when you want to tour the city of Cireboon. But at that time there was an attack carried out by the welang prince so that there was finally a war.

Abduction towards abduction has 13 colors and each species has different accents and uses different colors. However, in recent times many people have used only the red and white colors and the use of masks is also being replaced instead of the theme of the event being organized. Aside from the brain dance, there is also a fine dance inspired by peacocks disease.

The pea itself symbolizes the crown so that dancers can use the crown when in the action. This game is in parallel with the gamelan music club which will be played by three people. Of course, this one was very popular even overseas. Aside from dancing at the top, there’s also a jaipong dance that was already very popular.

However, this dance has usedcontroversy as the movements are sensitive but this morning this morning began to be preserved again. So these are some of the features thatthis region is trying to achieve.  I am not surprised at knowing  the features that West Java has  this can help to preserve them so that future generations know the cultural customs of the regions or its features for Java West Java are not lost in the jerk.

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