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Compared to the features or services provided by Grab, the Grabfood Call Centre is one of the  areas where most people complain about the often confusion caused  by the misunderstanding susceptibility  between drivers and neutral partners  – as customers, despite this, they don’t really feel worried either.

Because they feel there will be responsible people who dispel their discomfort even if they find a crime. When a customer service is always willing to receive complaints from its users, customers are caught and customers certainly don’t think much about this.


Since the service is one of grab users’ favorites today, it is true that ordinary people who want to try this information are also thinking a lot of interest from Grabfood as the number of users increases. So they need complete information that can help them use grabfood.

Before you hide it? Do you know how to grab food? So the service is one of grab’s services and you’ll be able to order meals at a restaurant without going to a restaurant. Because  you’ll have a driver instead of you to go take food orders at a restaurant later.

That way you only have to pay back the price of the driver’s service because you take food and pay for your own food. If something goes wrong, you don’t have to worry, because this place is served by the Grabfood Call Center, so you can  find solutions if you have an issue like the one described above.

With regard to the response to your complaint, you will only be submitted within 1 x 24 hours and will receive compensation later in the form of OVOs or as the virtual balance of ordered food. The complaint form can only be submitted if the order is damaged or does not meet that amount.

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If you feel you have to use this service because you don’t know how to use it,  you  should be concerned that we will present a comprehensive guide on how to order food through the grab food service more clearly. We just need to look at the information below for more information.

If you want to order food based on the guidelines, you don’t have to contact the Grabfood Call Centre, and then you can open the grab application after you first select the “Food” menu.  You  can then direct to a new window that contains a new menu and have several options related to certain categories, such as the food you want to order.

An example of that menu is the “closest” menu if you want to order food based on the location closest to the current position so that shipping costs can be avoided. If this is done, a new menu on the restaurant list as well as the food list will be introduced and selected as desired.

After you have finished, you  must choose the food you need to order and the amount of food you need to eat, and you can also see the amount of food you will cost to order, then you can choose a payment method, you are free to make cash or over-payment, if so, just click on “Order Food”.

You just need to wait until you’ve ordered food and finished. You can look at the map in the motion showing the location of the driver and go out to pick up food. And that’s how to order the most detailed food if you use grab food.  If it turns out that food is not enough as ordered, you  can contact the  Grabfood Call Centre to respond.

What uses grabfood vouchers? And how much will it be used?

Using the grabfood service is one of the benefits for itself, because it is noted that there are many benefits that can be felt if you use this one service. One of them is the ability to cut costs by having grabfood vouchers that can be used to discount food orders.

So how do you use grabfood vouchers? The voucher includes the function of cutting costs incurred on the amount of food ordered, paying attention to the rules set out in the voucher. Such vouchers typically contain a wide range of items, one of which can offer free shipping promo.

Therefore, we only have to pay for food costs.  If you don’t know how to  use it, you  can contact  the  grabfood call centre.   Then how to use this voucher seemed unexpected because it could be difficult if it was never used by new users.

The trick is when you first start the grab application menu and look at the list of vouchers you have when you enter the “Food” menu that will be at the top.

After that, you can see the conditions that apply to the voucher, which is the minimum fee, where the voucher can be used or the region where the voucher can be used.  If there is still confusion, you can get  advice from the  Grabfood Call Center.

After you have selected and ordered food, you can check if there is a box that says “Enter Promo” near the “Payment Method” box. If so, you only have to choose vouchers and then order food.

Global Fund for Sustainable Development

As you know,  there is now one of the services of the Grabfood Call Centre. For some people, they do not consider or do not consider this one service to be important because there have never been errors when ordering through grab food.

This service is  very important  toyou if you are not able to follow the order as written so that complaints can be generated for accountability, the method is very simple, that is, you must use the application only, and then open the settings and select “Help Center” and select “Orders are inappropriate.”

After completing the menu, the Grabfood Call Center service will be required to take a photo of the food that came to confirm the veracity of the complaint.

Later, grab will confirm whether there is a mistake, if true, they will be responsible for reimbursing the amount of costs depending on the price of food. But keep in mind that this process can only be carried out if it is not taken 24 hours after placing the order.

The grabfood service really helps anyone who wants to deliver food because of the situation or indeed because they are shy about leaving their homes. Moreover, with full service, and with many anticipated measures if something goes wrong, it is not surprising that the service  can reassure many by contacting the Grabfood Call Centre  if problems arise.

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