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How to transfer Indosat Credit, you have to act realistically

Credit has now become a major necessity, especially for its loyal users, often in need of how to transfer Indosat credit . Indosat Ooredo itself is one of the best-known suppliers in Indonesia and  certainly has many loyal users, and now there is a new color: Indosat Ooredo.

Try its best effort by Endosa to provide the maximum service to its users: if it is urgent or urgent, such as transferring debt between Indosat users, it needs exactly the time to complete the matter.

If you are not in an urgent position, you can purchase credit in your nearest counter, or at least  with  merchandise, if you are urgent, or  you may feel that you have a  nominal balance and feel that you want to share it with friends, parents and other close friends.

This can be done by sending credit to consumers, which means that your credit balance  is given to other users  in the form of credit balance, so  the excessive balance  may be more useful to others later,  and there are many conditions in sending credit yourself.

Meet  the requirements before you know  how to transfer Indosat Credit

Some of these situations must be resolved so that  there is no problem in smooth balancing deals  later  ; the first is the number used for sales; the balance The sender or recipient  must be in an active position; if that number is out of grace period or is no longer active, the sale cannot continue.

The second is that the recipient’s or sender’s starting package must be in an active condition for at least 181 days. maximum loose per day The number of transfers is 200 thousand, and it is impossible for the sender to balance at least 5,000 after making the transaction.

Additional funds  are needed because of balanced transfers between  users, and  the  cost of this Indosat credit transfer  is 600 rupees. If used for transfer, make sure  yourself to balance the Ikea adequately  , and avoid obstacles later in the task.

In this sale, the recipient will also increase its active period to 30 days; the length of the active period depends on the nominal balance sent by the sender; when the recipient increases its active period, take it easily.

The advantage of this sale is that if you have friends with great balance, you  can do it through individuals and do it faster  . Instead of first looking for the nearest heart, this deal itself has two methods: two ways to explain the following:

How SMS can transfer Indosat Credit

The first way to move is to use SMS or call it short news. Most people who already have a cellphone use the SMS system The first step in this credit transfer is  to unlock the SMS menu on  your phone.

If you immediately type the information in the form, you   immediately type the number of Pulsa that you want to send a transferpulsa (space) mobile number (space) mobile number (space). ulsa 081*+++++++++++++++++++++ Check the destination number more carefully so that there are no mistakes.

Wait a minute to get an SMS related to the process for confirmation purposes. If you receive an answer, it will have a marker number. Reply Confirm, OK (space) mark number. For example: OK 1h23b and  then send the  balance to the destination number.

Independently confirm the recipient to see if the  balance has been received. Usually it doesn’t take long, only a few minutes. Trans Farpolsa successfully did so with a brief message.

How to transfer Indosat Credit via USSD Code

In addition to short information, credit transactions can pass through USSD or UMB codes.This code is usually  balanced checked  This  method  is more practical than the previous method, and be careful how to  transfer the Indonesian debt.

The  first  way to transfer Indosat  credit is to open the  menu or call  . There are two distinct  ways by this phone, separated for prepaid pay and postster packages First,  you can also pass the  number +123+23+2*+2+2+2+2*+2*+3+3+3*+151/151.

If you have followed the following instructions, follow the following instructions, such as Type 1, and then fill in the recipient’s cell phone number. Select 1 to confirm and  complete the transaction.

It remains only to wait until the destination number and independently confirm the recipient. If the number phoned for Matrix Ooredo Autid users is +123+7+1+1+6+6+6+6+6+1+1*1*1*1* 1 If you have followed the same steps as the previous salary.

Sometimes this method has problems with a slow-response provider. There is a delay in receiving notifications of absence, so while it is easy and practical, sometimes you have to be a little patient if you use it.

Wanting to choose how to call a called list or SMS is your choice. Basically, the two things are the same and different in the process. You can get them both easily, quickly and in a practical way.

How to transfer Indosat debt to other providers

The two above methods are intended for IndoSuppliers, this time there is  a way to  transfer IndoSat debt to other suppliers  . However, this sale receives Other providers are limited to Telconsel, XL, 3 and Axis users, which are considered adequate to facilitate the transactions of various providers.

The  first method  of transferring Indosat debt is the business of transferring Indosat debt with Telconcell Goal Provider *123+5+5+5+3+3+3+3+1/1/ 1. Then follow instructions such as filling out your destination number.

During the sending process, there are usually disruptions for users of other providers and delays in notification or notification.Hence credit lender Make sure that the recipient has received it or increases the credit balance, and you need to be more patient in the transactions of these providers.

Meanwhile, XL, 3 or to send to Axis providers, it must be via a short information method, which is by sending transferpulsa destination number (space) number For example, Transferpulsa 089*++++++++ +++++++++ is sent to number 151 via the above SMS.

If it is then replied to by the OK (Space) syndrome number from the reps, the dance to confirm the sale Wait for the fabrics to be replied; send and transfer is perfect; only to ask the recipient if the balance has increased or not increased.

It’s easy and practical to transfer debt, along with other IndoSat or different providers. If you want to buy credit, go to the counter or at least the market You don’t have to leave your house to leave the house; take advantage of the balance of your remaining friends or family and use the Indosat debt transfer method above  .

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