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How to contact the bucopin call center and report customer complaints?

In the name of a customer, of course, when there is a difference  , the premier step to take is to  contact the Bukopin call center. In addition to Calling customers has more means to contact the bank so customers can settle their complaints quickly.

Cases such as a failed cash transfer  from a lost ATM card can  be easily completed without having to go to a  branch office. This is possible with the customer service of Bukopin Bank, which always comes with you. So don’t worry if there are problems with the banking administration.

Customers have the right to report their complaints to the administrator or branch without any hesitation.  This Bukopin call center also continues to open  Next, 24 hours to meet all kinds of customer complaints. So when things go wrong, even if it is at midnight  , you can still  report it.

In the next discussion, how you can connect with the bank as a customer will be explained in detail.There are three easy ways through Call, cellphone and email.These three streets should be called customers of Bucobin Bank.

How to connect to Bukopin Call Center using a phone?

This is one of the methods frequently used by customers to contact the bank in case something happens. just call number  14 005 You will then immediately connect to customer service from Bucopin Bank. Customers can use it for free.

But unlike other banks reducing loan costs or bucopin operations, the service will be officially opened.So  don’t Afraid to spend  more  to make a Bucopin call call   when you need  it. This is something customers don’t always know.

In fact, most banks still charge telecommunications on the part of customers. so it’s very common that most of you don’t realise pay-offs In addition to being open to customers, customers can make this call at any time and anywhere.

Customer phone service from Bukopin is open for 24 hours and 7 working days.Although your holiday as a customer  can report Complaints that occur in your bank account. The problems arising from this can be resolved immediately without having to  wait to come to a branch or central office.

During work hours, you can experience delays and phone calls because of queues. It is common for this to happen at some point, you have to wait for Sah Thirty minutes then try to make another call. Cases like this are rare, but there is nothing wrong with knowing how to treat.

Bucopin call center connection using mobile phone networks

Bank customers don’t have to be contacted using a phone number if they don’t have their devices.  Your current mobile  phone  can also  be used to Also make a direct phone call.The cellphone number isn’t much different from a normal call, so it’s very easy to remember.

Call +62 14 005 can be made using the cellular network. While some telecommunications operators can be smelt Already, with a traditional number, you can save this cell phone number when you can’t get a normal call.

Unlike the traditional Bucopin call center, it is still free to use mobile  networks. So don’t worry, Your credit  will be burned down while  calling a bank. The server of this mobile phone is actually different from traditional phones, so there are many benefits.

If you connect via this mobile phone number, The ability to stand columns for calls will be smaller, so when it is instructed to use the number immediately to connect with a bank in case of emergency. In urgent situations like lost ATM cards, this method is highly recommended for customers.

The problem happens soon the bank manages it sooner. Emergency events such as ATM cards that lose a failed bank transfer or inclusion The wrong name can be solved briefly. Using this method also has the potential to make sure you  don’t have to come to the branch office .

How to report bank customer complaints using email

Technological development has made email use more prevalent.So Bucopin will also deliver Customer service using email, too, if a call is not possible.The problem can be explained in detail by reporting using email.

Typically, complaints submitted via this email relate to the contents of the banking m app or digital transfer. so customers Non can send screen images directly as evidence of the failure of the process.It is easier for banks to confirm errors in the process.

Even using this email, complex issues such as data input errors can be fixed without having to come to the office That branch. the error of entering a name while making a cash transfer, you can only take a screenshot and add to it as evidence.

You can also report an ATM bug incident by attaching photos or video as evidence.This method has proved more effective  compared to being Make  the Bukopin call center limited to sound  media  . So wherever there is a problem, customers can report it immediately.

In terms of feedback, the e-mail method is still at a disadvantage compared to traditional calls;customers may have to wait a few minutes to receive Emailed a reply from the bank. If you have a hurry, include a traditional phone and email method, this is the solution.

To connect via email   , customers can use the address to communicate. The initial answer will be obtained  from viola, a robot service from this bank. Enclose your complaints and will automatically connect with human officials.

Bukopin’s new breakthrough is to get familiar with Viola technology

There may still be few customers familiar with Viola technology from this Bucobin bank. In fact, Viola is a breakthrough J The latest to speed up service to customers.Basic questionnaires can be answered directly without the need to contact human staff.

Viola is a robot that helps with the Bukopin call center problem so  that there is no stunt of appealing to its  staff Some basic problems, such as checking the status of the transfer to confirm identity, can be done using the latest technology.

Customers who use emails to filing will respond via Viola before receiving a response from a human officer.The benefits of the technology This hospital will surely expedite connections between customers and banks so that there may not be any obstacles that might interfere with the customer service system.

So far, viola technology has still been developed to improve customer convenience.The email is due to be used not just on Vio But also to maximise the traditional call.So Viola responds quickly to address mild problems.

Customers will definitely be more comfortable with the technology to help them file banking complaints smuggled smallly.random issues Future arrows will also use Viola to enable mobile banking activities to be slow and fast for customer convenience.

In the name of customers, customers have definitely helped further develop this banking technology. Customer complaints will be provided and resolved quickly   Bukopin’s call center service will be maximized and  will help ease customer needs.

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