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Find out how to transfer Quota 3 without paying easily

Most Indonesians are certainly familiar with 3(tri) providers, it seems that there is a way to transfer 3 quotas as well to those who need an emergency. The need for internet preference is actually very important for searching for  information  , or simply browsing and chatting on social media.

It is only natural that internet use is now very important for everyone. This is because its use is increasing and is highly desirable in everyday life. Therefore, many providers are competing to offer various internet package promos to the public.

Quota Transfer Procedure 3 and Its Requirements

You need  to know, that every provider always offerspreferential transfer services.  However, not all providers offer a simple and instant approach.   Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll discuss some ways to easily transfer bias.

One of the providers to be discussed in this article is 3 (Tri). So, for those who want to transfer quotas with the Tri card, there are undoubtedly several terms and conditions that need to be taken into account. Here are some of the conditions that need to be considered before making how to transfer preferences 3.

It would be good for  you if before transferring privileges, whether between providers or others, you are still required to meet existing requirements.  Where requirements include:

  1. The sender’s number must be in the work period.
  2. At the same time, the recipient’s number is allowed under grace period conditions. However, make sure that your number  does not pass the grace period as it may be lost. If the recipient’s number is lost, the preferential transfer is declared a failure.
  3. In addition, the minimum balance of the sender to transfer the loan must be IDR 5 thousand. Therefore , you must make sure that the selection money in the card amounts to atas IDR 5 thousand to make the transfer.

Several of the above conditions  need to be taken into account, although it seems not too complicated and complicated. For those  who are tri-card users, you can do this method of transferring 3 privileges either  to fellow users  or even to other operators.

Basiakah Do Quota Transfer 3 kwa Waendeshaji Wengine?

Typical Sebago people, do you know  how to  transfer 3 privileges either  to your fellow users  or to other operators?    Can I transfer 3 preferences to another operator? In fact, there are many ways to transfer network privileges to other  operators and to other operators.

Please note to you provider 3 users that there is an internet data package delivery service  that can be easily accessed.  Although not as flexible as other providers, this provider is always trying to maintain its level of service.

In addition, there is a difference between 3 providers and others that carry the service through preferential fees that are cheaper than other providers. Not only does the cost  of data packages  become cheaper, the cost of SMS and phone calls between each other and for other operators is also very affordable.

Of course, not only to gain that advantage, but also unlimited access to social media. Where if  your   network data package  is expired,  but you can still access  social  media apps such as WhatsApp, Line, and so on.

Although 3(Tri) doesn’t have as good services as other providers and offers preferential delivery services  between each other and other operators, but  you can still enjoy other services. So, you  don’t have to worry if you want to  transfer data packets between each other or other operators.

How to transfer Quota 3 among others

Although this method is not quite as simple and easyel in sending data packages like other cards, it can still be successfully successful. Here are some steps in sending  3 data packages, including:

  1. Preference for transfer between 3 colleagues via dial

Here are some steps to send network data packages to 3 other cards, including:

  1. Dial *323# and then click ok or call in the dial-in menu.
  2. Then, you can enter the amount of credit you want to transfer along with the destination number you want to send.
  3. Please wait for a while for information or information to come in to continue confirming.
  4. If the loan offer is declared successful, the recipient can immediately register the data package.


  1. Quota Transfer through BimaTri Program

The method of transferring preference 3 is not only via dial or USSD, but also using the BimaTri app. Where the BimaTri app is a special service for tri users to help serve their customers in transaction.

Indeed, there are many types of transactions that can be done easily, including sending network data to fellow tri-users.  You can use BimaTri in i app to  send credit between each  other  or to other operators.

Where the first way is to first install the BimaTri app on your smartphone. Next, you need to create an account using the number 3 to do more registrations. If you’ve created an account successfully, a pop up notification will appear about the menu options.

Or you can also follow some of the steps below to send Tri preferences with the BimaTri app, namely:

  1. Log in to the app first using the Tri code that you have prepared to send preferences.
  2. If you are successfully logged in, please find the 3Products menu.
  3. In addition, the way to transfer 3 preferences with the BimaTri app is to specify the choice of packages to be transferred in the 3Products menu.
  4. Then, select the product buying menu for other users.
  5. Teacher, please enter the number you want to transfer preferences, then press the purchase button.

How to transfer Quota 3 to another operator

In addition to sending network data packages between each other, can tri also send it to other operators?   The answer is that currently, there is no  service  to transfer a data package to  other operators from provider 3.   However,  you don’t have to worry, usually 3 will continue to update the service.

At present, 3 still develops and favors its services interms of convenience in interacting with the internet and affordable and affordable quota costs.   Usually in transfer services,  the tri itself still applies the system between each other not to other operators.

So, you can’t senddata packages to Indosat Ooredoo, Telkomsel, XL, Axis, and so on.    It is hoped that tri can immediately add these features of the service to make it easier for mops to  send data packages to all operators in Indonesia.

As is well known, the use of pulsa  for phones and sms is actually much needed. Although not often, there are still too many people who rely on SMS and credit phone features. So, it’s good if tri improves its features based on features as well.

Some of the 3 bias transfer methods described above, are expected to be archived along with a clue to those who are still confused.

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