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The reasons for the Asus service center Bekasi cannot provide a guarantee

Asus Service Center Bekasi is one of the steps Asus takes to serve its consumers in Bekasi. Asus products that have invaded all cities in Indonesia make Asus continue to seek to improve services in all cities equally. Bekasi, a major city in Indonesia, is one of many others that has an Asus service center.

One of the main tasks of the service center is to repair. There are other tasks in addition to improving, such as answering consumer questions, explaining consumers’ p relatives, or helpingconsumers when facing technical problems.

However, there are several things you need to know about the guarantee, one of which is that not all types of damage can be guaranteed. Only some damage can be guaranteed. This is done by the manufacturer of the product clearly to make it clear that consumers do not cheat on the guarantee of a product provided.

Forexample, the consumer shook the phone until it was damaged then applied for a guarantee to get a new phone.  obviously you need to know what types of damage cannot be guaranteed in the official service of Asus.

Address Asus Service Center Bekasi

In Bekasi there are several service centers of Asus spread over several locations. Asus looks very serious in paying attention to its consumers in Bekasi. It has been proven that there was at least one Asus Service Center and three authorized service partners of Asus. The full address of Asus Service Center Bekasi is at Ruko Mega Kalimalang, Cavling 8 No. 9 Jl. K.H. Noer Ali, Pekyon Jaya, RT 03/07, Bekasi 17148, West Java.

To contact it, it can pass through 1500 128, which is open monday to Saturday. Monday to Friday runs from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. As for Saturdays, it runs from 7:30 to 12:00. There is no service for weeks. One of Asus’ authorized service partners in Bekasi with the address San City Square is at Ruko San Blok A 30, Jl. M. Hasibuan, Marga Jaya, South Bekasi.

You may not know the difference between Asus Service Center and Asus Authorized Service Partner. If asus service center bekasi is operated by Asus itself while Asus is an authorized service partner  .

За другите двајца овластени сервисни партнери на Asus Bekasi се наоѓаат во Lipo Cikarang Mall Ground Floor Unit 26-27, Moh. H. Thamrin Street, Cibatu, South Cikarang and Square, Комплекс Руко, Jалан Кмета Мадмуин Хасибуан No.30, RT.004 / RW.002, Марга Jaya, Кота Бекаси, Западна Ава 17141.

Types of damage that cannot be guaranteed

As already mentioned beforenotherwise all damages can be guaranteed.

Here are some of them, the first is a product that is damaged but repaired or modifiedon the other hand.   Attemptsare caused byaccidents, natural disasters, abuse, violence, careless use or abnormal use.

In addition to the things mentioned above, there are still other reasons that makethe product non-garlic. Kerusakan due to the use of perangkat that is not produced or sold by ASUSTeK. Kerusakan or loss of programs, data or removable storage media, or other data costs or program renewal.

Things to look for when we go in guarantee

What you need to know is that when you bring your product to the Asus Bekasi service center , it does not mean that you will definitely get a guarantee.

Therefore, never consider letting down to get a guarantee. Because you’re going to passthe pro-check first.  Then the service center is not responsible for the personal data for the product to be repaired.

The service center is also not responsible if there is damage or loss of data, programs or mobile storage media.

Pelajanan Service Center Asus Bekasi

As in other cities , Asus Service Center Bekasi has a great service. Asus always prioritizes the comfort of its consumers. In almost every city, the service of asus’ service center always receives a good assessment from the community.

Employees of the Bekasi service centre are very friendly and communicative. In addition, employees are also very informative. Employees are able to explain asus products very well. If you have questions about Asus products, you can only come ask. I’m sure the employee on duty is happy   toanswer every question you give.

Then you will definitely feel uncomfortable if you are in a dirty place. The peaceful service center of Asus has a place that is always kept clean. With a  clean and fragrant place, you will not feel annoyingly fast, so you can wonder about Asus products very comfortable.

Therefore, if you have complaints or problems with your device, you no longer have to be confused. Just come to the nearest service center, the service will definitely be very satisfactory. You should not hesitate because the service center alwaysgives the best toeach customer.

In addition, the service center has an orderly method or method of ordering. So you don’t have to worry that your turn is suffocated. Usually, asus service center sites have a place to easily reach.

There is something to be aware ofwhen coming  to the Asus tem pat service center during the pandemic  .

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