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How to check the address of the official Toshiba Service Center

For you Toshiba product user, you need to know how to check the address of the official Toshiba service center. Who doesn’t know this electronic manufacturer. His products are always present in every home of Indonesian people.   There are many products from Toshiba as television, computers, air conditioners and more.

People’s confidence in Indonesiais clear because of the quality of the product and the excellent quality of service. Logically, if products and services are not good, it is clear that the indonesian people do not win the trust. Although Toshiba’s service to customers is very good, Toshiba is always trying to improve its services.

Maybe you’re one of those with ToshiBa products at home. If you have it, you feel like you need to know the  address of Toshiba’s official service center.   This service center will help you if your product has been damaged or there are complaints from you that you would like to request. You can also make a warranty claim for damage to your Toshiba products. Of course, the terms and conditions were also approved.

Although the competition for electronic products on the market is very tight, Toshiba is still one of the favorites in Indonesia. With many products sold, there may also be quite a few whohave suffered damage either due to user error or factory error. If you are  one of the  damaged Toshiba products,  immediately check  the official address of the Toshiba Service Center if it is located in your city.

Toshiba service centers have spread to many cities in Indonesia. Some of them are in antarayyai tu Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Surabaya and many others. Toshiba understands that a service center is needed for its customers. Especially in Indonesia, where Toshiba has many loyal customers.

How to check the address of the official Toshiba Service Center

For those of you who have Toshiba products but don’t know if there is a service center in your city, you need to check them out. There is no separate application for verification. You can only visit Toshiba Indonesia’s official website. It shows where the cities of the Toshiba Service Center are located.

Toshiba’s official website  can visit following link. After you open the website, you simply need to select the service menu and then select the service center in the upper-right corner. That’s where   the Toshiba Service Center is located. It is very simple, is not, how to verify the address of the official Toshiba Service Center.

If you want to know the location in detail, you can check it from the location menu. Later on the web page, a large map will be shown that will allow you to know their location in detail. That will really help you provide a clear picture of the location.

For more information, there is a change to the temporary service center number during the academic period. For complete information, you can visit Toshiba’s official website. Toshiba did not explain why there was a change in service center numbers during the academic period.   There may be newer service centers in the future, so be sure  to check the address of the Toshiba Service Center.

 General negligence resulting in a guarantee being rejected

In some cases there were guarantees that were rejected because of negligence that was unknown to the customer. Notably, there are still many people in Indonesia who are lazy to read the terms of the guarantee. As a rule, warranty conditions are listed on warranty cards. But Indonesians usually save it immediately  without  reading it. We recommend that if you buy a new product and have a warranty, first readthe requirements and conditions first.

Do not make any mistakes for users of your product as follows so that your warranty  remains valid at an official Toshiba service center. The first negligence is to carry out repairs yourself or not at an official service center.  Check the official address of the Toshiba Service Center where you live and go to the location.  Repairing or replacing only parts or in an unofficial service area does not make warranty easy.

The second negligence is not to retain the certificate of purchase. People generally forget to keep buying slip. However, if you want to provide a warranty, you will usually be asked to create a note of purchase. A proof of purchase is commonly used to prove the date of purchase of the product. So make sure you keep the purchase slip in a safe place.

The negligence, which is intermitted, is similar to the second omission, similar to the loss or damage of the warranty card. It is also often the case, there are many people who do not pay attention to the place where warranty cards are kept. Usually people just keep it as long as  it’sa salan when the item is broken and the card is no longer there.

Why should you repair an authorized service center?

You may not understand how important it is to serve in an official place. Performing a service or repair at an official location clearly has some advantages. The official service centre is specially designed for the treatment of damage in some areas. So if you have a Toshiba product and want to do the repairs, please check the official address of the Toshiba Service Center and visit the location.

The first reason is that the official service center ensures that quality is guaranteed to technicians who perform repairs. In the official workplace, technicians are trained to carry out repairs in accordance with appropriate procedures. In this way, there is little chance there will be repair errors    that will cause your product to suffer further damage.

Second are the tools used in accordance with existing standards.   With a standardized lat-tool, it  is clear that meminamilisir to cause scratches on parts  when  performing removal or installation. Unlike unofficial workplaces, which typically use temporary tools. Obviously it’s very speculative to make parts scratched.

In addition, the service center is officially improving according to appropriate procedures and standards. This is clearly very different from unofficial places, which usually carry out important repairs, I mean.e. without regard to the appropriate standards. Of course, improving that does not meet the criteria will not be optimal.

Then the last one is that you can claim the warranty, so you don’t have to spend any repair costs. In the meantime, of course, if you do this in an unofficial place, you need to spend the money on repair costs. Even conducting repairs at an unofficial  location can lose a warranty.

Toshiba’s official service center quality

In terms of quality, you will receive a great service. So, if you want to make repairs, check the  address of the official Toshiba service center in your city. In addition to improved service quality, the location is usually also very easy to reach, either by private transport or public transport.

In addition to friendly service, the area is also clean, so it is convenient when waiting. Repairs can usually be completed within a short period of time, but they depend on the damage they cause. Do not hesitate to do  a good job at the service center.

There are already many people who are satisfied with the quality of service at the Toshiba Service Center. Very simple service, good place and warranty claims that are not confused are the trademarks of the Toshiba Service Center. For this reason, check the official address of the Toshiba Service Center to prepare in case your Toshiba Products are damaged later.

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