When to contact the BPJS Employment call center? : Diagram

Employment Call Center BPJS Here’s How to Contact Him Easily

A call center is one of the facilities provided to customers for asking various questions about one type of long-term insurance from the government. You can ask anything about the type of product to complain about problems when using its services.

One example is when you decide to register as a participant. So one thing that needs to be understood is the programme. What they are and how they meet the requirements. Currently, one of the red plate companies has developed devices and infrastructure in the form of comfort.

Potential new entrants no longer need to come, just register via mobile. The whole programme has also been explained in detail and in full. It’s just that when understanding, this is not the case. This is the task of the call center and will explain where it is located.

It must be admitted that when reading the current terms and conditions, it is quite complicated. However, you need to know all of them, including the rules of the game. This explanation is repeated until the potential customer understands correctly. As for the flow, for example, what is payment money, what is the function, how then to pay, where.

Then, if you want to claim later, what process it will be. Thanks to understanding from the beginning, potential participants know what the next step is or which one to choose. Because according to the program, this company Red Plate has 4 main programs. Everything, very profitable, it’s just that the conditions are different.

When to contact the BPJS Employment call center?

If you have a question about when is the right time to contact this service. So, the most appropriate answer is before you register as a participant. In the BPJS itself, there are four types, namely wage earners. A few percent of the costs will be borne by the company and customers. The second type is not gainfully employed.

Those who fund fees independently. The third is in the form of partnerships, and the fourth is migrant workers. When registering for the first time, this is the best time to contact the best services of the red plate company. The most convenient reason is that you can find out all the devices to the features.

In particular, for staff whose fees are partly paid by the Office. The industry will usually not explain in detail. Therefore, it is better to contact the call center of an employment agency.   You will get to know and be able to understand the whole. This is very important.

There are several dishonest companies and they often take advantage of the situation for various reasons of withholding money. The information from these services will easily help you in overcoming these various problems. Next time, the best time is when you come across different kinds of obstacles that may occur or different kinds of services.

Employment Call Center also receives advice

This device from the Red Plate Company also receives a wide range of suggestions and constructive inputs. For example, the addition of programs or perhaps systems that should be implemented for the common good. The system is also useful during service in the office. For those who may want to see customer service.

As a rule, these proposals will continue to be adapted and presented at important meetings. For example, when conveying information to all its customers. They usually extend the chain message to a number that has already been registered. It may seem to you that the report is less useful because for the most part it also uses social media.

Just try to advise them that everything that gives various important notifications is also transmitted through social media chat apps owned by customers. In this way, it is likely that the information will come in as opposed to a short report. Since the number has lapsed and cannot be used, it is quite possible.

Or there are mobile devices that you really don’t understand. Make it easier for your customers to access from balance check to queue selection. BPJS Ketenagakerjaan provides additional devices in the form of applications. Maybe you can suggest adding more features or conveniences that you haven’t felt yet.

Bpjs call center employee number

How to contact him, in fact, is not difficult. According to the rules of the Minister of Communication and Informatics number 14 of 2018. One way to contact this facility is to call 175. This number is a replacement for the previous contact 1500910. This replacement is one of the government’s efforts to provide comfort.

Meanwhile, people often contact the contact center for various purposes. That’s just that, a lot of it is wrong, because the number is actually quite long. Through the Communication and Information Regulation, it is hoped that there will be no more complaints about forgetting, because it is enough to memorize only 3 numbers, namely 175.

In addition to the phone In fact, this red plate company has also developed its services much better. They try to use social media to contact them directly via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The method is quite simple, you just need to activate the chat function, call center bpjs employment.

Everything will be responded to as quickly as possible. In fact, in response to a wide range of complaints from these customers. It requires it as quickly as possible, at the time of filing a complaint, at that time there is also a solution or a minimal response. The waiting time is quite fast, no more than 5 minutes everything will be answered and processed.

Although there are certain requirements that must be met. Such as filling in personal data first. What is your name and BPJS number. Next, they will listen, and then work as quickly as possible. Interestingly, when everything is done, clarity is confirmed. Thus, as a participant, there is a guarantee regarding information.

Call center for migrant workers

There is something interesting about BPJS Ketenagakerjaan in serving its customers and providing old-age protection to all Indonesians. Service to Indonesian workers who work abroad. The convenience provided is WhatsApp.

When contacting this call center, there will actually be rates and fees. It’s just that for migrant workers, the price is much more expensive than you in Indonesia. Using chat media like WhatsApp will make it easier for them to file complaints about anything related to the service.

The call center via WhatsApp can be contacted on +62 811-9115910 and +62 855-1500910. Please get in touch from 6 am to 12 pm western Indonesia. Because it will be solved directly from the headquarters.

Therefore, when you contact him, try to see the time difference first. For example, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. The difference is 1 hour before the national capital of Malaysia. So, try to file complaints or questions no more than 20 p.m. Malaysian time.

Usually, when this time expires, the chat will still be saved and will be answered at 6 o’clock in the morning. This program from TKI is really excellent, because so far no one has guaranteed them life. Age is usually an obstacle, especially since not everyone has special skills to compete.

Using the services of this Red Plate company is really easy for customers who want to ask a question. Therefore, make good use of these devices. Do not hesitate to ask questions and file various complaints, if they occur, to the call center, we are ready to serve.


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