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How to be a Xiaomi user is a Jun Xiaomi service center

MI service center will be used  and the product used to damage the interviewer Ichiya.  Its service center is dedicated to Xiaomi gadgets, and its products are low and high, so they are good

If it is smaller than him, or Xiaomi can compete with the brand regardless of price and quality.  Although it is close, it is also convenient for the small device of the rice consumer to be broken

Xiaomi has set up service centers  in various places in Indonesia to repair MI service centers, and its facilities are very eye-catching, and users are easy

The new gadget brand has come out, which seems to be its entry-level competitor.  I don’t know that the rice is given to the maintenance service of all parties, and also makes consumers have no way to the service center

Rice brand gadgets

Xiaomi is a private electronics company from China or headquartered in Beijing, until the company was established  in 2010.  Its technology company is really fast, as for the spread of the country.

Its products are also very popular, and their prices are straight, and their supply is also beautiful.  Xiaomi’s smart phones, in the end, the price is more attractive than other brand smartphones, although the same system

As mentioned above, there is a MI service center,  which is available to Indonesian users.  Although the system is similar, other brand brands Jia Yizhong.  Rice and hunger marketing, its production is sold at flash sale prices

Xiaomi makes its enthusiasts curious, and  it gets miscellaneous at a favorable price, and the goods are limited to sale.  In addition, Xiaomi also has a strong community, or a Rushu fan club

Xiaomi fan club a community, Xiaomi’s marketing strategy, rice bad than the media marketing community.  If the user can be rooted in the warranty of the reluctant warranty, and Juddo and Mi fan clubs.

Meter-speed repair service

Those who are interested in Mi can use the MI service center for new clothes and their new clothes mobile phone repair, which can be completed in as little as 1 hour.  All Xiaomi gadget users can also enjoy repair service due to EK SKLusif Service Center

For rice users can enjoy quickly, to the exclusive service center distributed in several places, Bega Bogor, Tangerang, Debord, Roximas.  If you want to try it, go for the meter

Later seek to register on the mi.com website, when the consumer fills out the  registration form in the system, 1 less repair begins, as for the smartphone into.  Xiaomi has a small operating hours when it is licensed, and it is open from 09.00 to 18.00

If you want to obtain this 1 MI service center repair service facilities, you must follow the official warranty.  Keep the smartphone under warranty and spare parts must be supplied

Why is it a customer service center?

In   addition to 1 maintenance facilities, all suppliers are obliged to provide after-sales service to consumers.  Rice seems to be good in Indonesia to market its products with small tools, I don’t know how to supply the center

The caller user asks directly on the smartphone.  In addition to his mobile phone number, there is an online customer service where users can chat with customer service in both directions

Use MI service center online customer service,  there is no trouble, and it is also a millet.  Vanmi smartphone asked, everything is okay

After that, if the guide is unsuccessful and the smartphone is off, he will visit the service center in Chengguo.   Small equipment during the warranty period, run repair service.

Footsteps can call the hotline service to call for service, then there is live chat service, email and several social media accounts. It can also speak bluntly on social media accounts, and few have replied on smartphones

Account name and hotline number of Mi Service Center

There are smart phone ridicule, suggestions and complaints, and you can chat in real time on Xiaomi’s official website (www.mi.co.id).  You can also send an email on  service.id@xiaomi.com, if you have an email address, please make sure to describe the complaint in detail

Do not leave the email subject blank, so please shorthand it on your smartphone.  As for the body of the email  , it can be explained in detail.  Please use the list to make it easy. Then Facebook, Instagram and social media accounts like Twitter can be tied to customer service

Social media, junzhiguan fan page, page @XiaomiIndonesia.  First of all, please ensure that the social media page is actually Xiaomi’s own official page, in case it is not necessary.  MI Service Center is open during office hours

If you want to go both ways, you can call the hotline number, which is 0800 1 40 1558.  09.00 to 18.000 WIB, Ask Mi Mobile Phone Warranty Call Center

Jude official website meter customer service details  Then ask for  hotline option customer service in the lower right corner.  When on the page, you can directly choose customer service

WhatsApp is available for customer service on 0821 1723 6765.  This matter whatsapp, can be from 09.00 to 21.00 WIB.  If you want to be a MI service center, you will not think about it, and you will choose more


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